Tales Runner World Servers

Server Language Country Local Publisher Remarks
Korea Korean [1]


Nowcom2014:Smilegate IP from China, Hong Kong etc. is blocked.
Japan Japanese [2]


2006:NEETS / 2010:RHAON Japan NEETS stopped operating on April 30, 2007.

RHAON Japan stopped operating on June 22, 2011.

Taiwan Traditional Chinese [3]


FunTown Using Internet Explorer to login.
Hong Kong SAR/Macau SAR Traditional Chinese [4] Hong Kong SAR

[5]Macau SAR

Funtown Using Internet Explorer to login.
China Simplified Chinese [6]


Thailand Thai [7]


2007:TOT2016:Asiasoft Have to provide a correct ID number to register.

Transfer publishing license from TOT on April 30th, 2016.

North America English [8] USA


gPotato Officially closed on December 21st, 2011.
Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Indonesia Gemscool IP from other countries is blocked.

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