Sun Wukong
Personal data
Age Unknown
Height 5'10 ft (177cm)
Weight 148 lbs (67kg)
Blood Type  ?
Occupation Monkey God
Game stats
Max Speed █ █ █ █ █ 5
Acceleration █ █ █ █ 4
Power █ █ █ 3
Control █ █ 2
Price Unknown TR
Starting Character No
Main article: Characters

Character InformationEdit

Sun Wukong's name may also be spelled as Shun Wukong, Shun Wu Kong, or Sun Wu Kong. In the OGPlanet release of Tales Runner, Sun Wukong is called Wukong.

Sun Wukong is a Monkey God from the Chinese folk tale Journey To The West. Wukong comes with 5+ Fury gain and EXP.

Sun Wukong joined Tales Runner in the initial event of the Bull Demon invading Tales Land. He was freed from a mysterious vessel which appeared during the occurrence and aided the runners in defeating the Bull Demon and, later on, Princess Iron Fan. He decided to stay in Tales Land after everything ended.


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