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Are you feeling lucky today? Try out Talesrunner's very own Raffle Ticket System; The Stars of Fortune! This system introduces new and extremely rare items that will never be sold in shops. It's pretty simple, so lets kick off by explaining the interface.

When you click on the Play Stars of Fortune button in your inventory page, you end up in a look alike of your inventory, but with lotteries. On the bottom of the inventory-like window, you will see a "My Star Ticket's:" and then a number. This indicates how many Star Tickets you have to play with in the lotteries. To play the Stars of Fortune, you will need Star Tickets.

Conveniently enough, they are in the Talesrunner shop under "Etc", and "Game". Each one costs 10,000 TR, and each one is good for one space on your Stars of Fortune Card.

Upon entering Stars of Fortune Card, you will come to a window looking very similar to a Minesweeper game. The raffle system, in fact, does highly resemble the Window's Minesweeper game, but has much different functions. Lets take a diagnostic look at each feature of this window.

There are six categories with a #/#. When you place a Star Ticket on the minesweeper-like board (with the stars), the white star box turns into a dark blue one, indicating that you have already chosen that one. When you receive and item in that category, the numerator will increase by one.

Also, one of the categories will be chosen. Depending on the category it selects, you will receive a prize from it in relation to the category. For example, if it chooses Community, you will receive a chat bubble or billboard.

But these are just the "thanks for playing" prizes; usually timed items from a day to a week. What you really want will be in the special category, and will be harder to obtain.

If you're lucky enough, you will get the item others have spent countless TR (in game currency) on. Bear in mind, that this will require an alchemy repair hammer when it's worn out. These items can also be vital ingredients to alchemy items.

  • Each Stars of Fortune card has 50 possible spaces the Special item is hiding in. Therefore, you would spend 500,000 TR on Star Tickets if you wanted to uncover all of the spaces.
  • You can get cards that are unobtainable due to the map not being released yet.
  • To note, all Legendary Blue Items have the exact same Stats as the Legendary Red Items, just different visual appearances and descriptions.

By know there are 8 knowns items that can we get through this raffle.

Legendary Red Scarf

Legendary Red Hair

Legendary Red Shoes

Legendary Red Wings

Added after March, 18th:

Legendary Blue Scarf

Legendary Blue Hair

Legendary Blue Shoes

Legendary Blue Wings

Added Recently:

Legendary White Scarf

Legendary White Hair

Legendary White Shoes

Ledendary White Wings

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