The Item Shop is the main shop for game clothing and items. Most of it is clothing for characters, but it also holds a other items including transformations characters, pets, acts, and other game items like rings, hammers, speakers, family and farm related items, and etc.

Item shop displays the selected character and allows player to try out clothing items and their combinations before purchasing them. It is possible to rotate the character by dragging the mouse over it to see the result from all directions.

Item Shop is divided into categories and subcategories for easier access to different item types. Also, for better access, shop only displays items which can be used by currently selected character.

Item Shop CategoriesEdit


Contains mix of different item types.

  • NEW item - usually contains new items placed into shop
  • HOT item - contains item types which are sold most often

Set ItemEdit

Contains items which 'explode' to several items on purchase. Sets are cheaper than if set items are bought separately.

  • Character+Set - these items contain a character and some more items to it
  • ==Set - these contain several dsflsdhjkdkjs hack!==


  • Game Character - contains all characters available for purchase
  • Transformation Character - contains all character transformations
  • Special - contains ghosts for Maki character


  • Hair - hairstyles, hats, and whole-head masks
  • Shirt - shirts and dresses. Dresses covering legs cannot be combined with pants
  • Pants - pants and skirts
  • Shoes - depending on type, some cannot be combined with pants



  • Hair - hair accessories added to current hairstyle. Some of them cannot be combined with hairstyle/hat from Clothes part
  • Face - glasses and masks
  • Neck - scarves
  • Hand - gloves. Some of them may conflict with certain shirts or dresses
  • Back - cloaks, backpacks, wings, tubes


Pets available for purchase and items for these

  • Pet Sale - Pets
  • Pet Accessory - items to upgrade and revive dead pets
  • Pet Food - items adding life and exp to pets


  • Act - emotions and dances
  • Game - assorted game items
  • Speech Balloon - items allowing player to display their talk in a bubble
  • Billboard - persistent chat bubbles
  • Farm - items usable for farms which cannot be placed on a farm


Clothing and accessory items that are considered premium with higher percentage of items available for gP, usually give extra luck.

  • Hair - premium hairstyles
  • Shirt - premium shirts and dresses
  • Pants - premium pants and skirts
  • Shoes - premium shoes
  • Accessory - premium goggles

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