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Codename: R is one of Dr.Hell's creations from Horror Park. He is described as a robot with loose screws, emotionless, kind, harmless, and innocent. His silent movements make it very difficult to trace him, and it seems as though he could teleport when his rage activates.

Background Story Edit

Dr.Hell attempted to create a wish stone from a stone sculpture of wishes from "Fairytale Country" (i.e. Tales Land), but it was imperfect. A stone of emotion was formed from this incomplete wish stone. Along with this, the humanoid (sometimes called an android) "R" was created.

Despite this occurrence, Dr.Hell considered his research to be a failure as a wish stone was never created, and was left with R in Horror Park. Soon afterwards, Dr.Hell gets an idea to break the center of the "stone of wishes" and returns to Horror Park to further his research with the stone of emotion, which is R's heart. The boy, who has boundless trust in Dr.Hell, his creator, realizes something is different and off. He followed Dr.Hell to Tales Land and looks for the stone of emotion that was never returned to him. The secret of the boy who seems to have a close relationship with Dr.Hell is revealed from now on.

(Translated from the Korea TalesRunner website, namely this page; Errors may be present.)

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R Genesis trailer 1

R's appearance in the first Genesis trailer

R Genesis trailer 2

R's appearance in the second Genesis trailer


R posing