Pets are parts of character equipment usable with any character. Depending on the pet, the character acquires various bonuses.

Pet LevelingEdit

Pets can level up similarly to players, but only have three levels (1 to 3). Level 1 pets can be bought in Shop or obtained via Alchemy (Genie). To level up pets, it is necessary to give them Exp until their exp meter reaches 100%. After it, the pet can be leveled up by purchasing Pet Upgrade Stone and using it on the pet.

Pet Exp can be increased several ways:

  • Equipped pet receives 150% of Exp reward from each race (e.g. if player receives 20 Exp, its pet receives 30 Exp).
  • It is possible to buy pet feed which increases pet Exp in Shop and use it on the pet. Using this also refills pet life.
  • Papa Moo Moo Cow produces milk items which increase pet Exp.

Pet Level tableEdit

Exp needed to level pets up is the same for all pets.

Level Total Exp Exp to next level
1 0 50,000
2 50,000 100,000
3 150,000 n/a

Pet LifeEdit

Pets are obtained with full life which represents 30 days. Pet life is decreasing over time regardless if the pet is equipped or if the account is used.

There are several ways to refill pet life:

  • Purchase one of pet feeds available in the Shop (shop feed is priced in gP) and use it on the pet. Shop feed refills pet life to 100% (30 days). Certain Shop feed also increases pet Exp.
  • Create Salty Snack via Alchemy and use it on the pet. Salty Snack refills 7 days of pet life.
  • Purchase Sway Sway Tree and harvest it for various pet feed fruits. Use them on the pet. Fruits give 1, 3, or 7 days of pet life.
  • Level the pet up to refill it to 100% life (can be only done twice).

If a pet is not fed and its life reaches zero, it dies and cannot be fed or equipped. To resurrect it, it is necessary to purchase Feather of Phoenix in the Shop and use it on the dead pet.

Pet ListEdit

Pet Price Comment
Twister 690 gP
Pet increasing TR and Exp and Fury hit transformation. Also, when hit by a person using Fury, you will send out a Transformer trap.
Chickadee 390 gP
(Easter only)
Easter Event pet, with lots of bonuses.
Flying Pig 780 gP Aimed at increasing TR gain
Fortune 650 gP Pet increasing Luck with additional TR and Exp bonuses.
Genie recipe 63,000 TR
bundle 850 gP
Pet increasing Stats with additional Exp bonus
Available through Alchemy
Lefty 950 gP Pet increasing Fury, TR and Exp gain
950 gP Pet increasing TR and Exp gain with some item resistances
Mysty 950 gP Pet increasing TR and Exp regardless on finishing position
Pandana 950 gP Pet with lots of bonuses, mainly oriented at item races
TR and Exp bonuses for finishing in first three places in an individual race
Pyro 69,000 TR Pet increasing Fury duration with TR and Exp bonuses for being the only to finish the race
Dalkilawl 950 gP Pet increasing TR and Exp gain with some item resistances
Sea Urchin Boy 950 gP Pet increasing TR and Exp gain with some item resistances


Not Purchasable

Small bonus to Exp and TR


  1. Chickaroo was only available through a series of events and is not for purchase in the Shop currently.