Papa Moo Moo Cow
Papa Moo Moo Cow Icon
Item Type Farm
Location Animals / ground animal
Timing permanent
Growable yes
Exp per harvest 1,000
Num harvests 10
Price 340 gP

As head of the Moo Moo family,
Papa Moo Moo has a lot to think about!
He likes to share his drinks with his friends!

Regular DropsEdit

One or a few of the following:

These items can be used to increase player's pet exp.

Card DropsEdit

To drop cards, Baby Moo Moo Calf must be present on the farm.


After number of harvests is depleted, the animal gets a recharger icon over its head and stops receiving exp. Its number of harvests can be fully replenished by using Recharge Harvest Item.

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