Personal data
Age 16 years
Height 5'4 ft (162 cm)
Weight 99 lbs (45 kg)
Blood Type O
Occupation Swimmer
Game stats
Max Speed █ █ █ █ █ 5
Acceleration █ █ █ 3
Power █ █ 2
Control █ █ █ █ 4
Price 60,000 TR
Starting Character No
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Character InformationEdit

In other releases of Tales Runner, this character is called Pada, Dewi, or Kay. In the OGPlanet release of Tales Runner, Ocean is called Lily

Ocean comes from an island off the coast of Texas that she used to live on with her parents. She is also described as having a "farm girl" accent.

Ocean is very similar to Ming Ming, except she has 2 points more in the Speed stat. Her 2 point speed upgrade makes her a very favorable character to more skilled players.


(Dalam rilis lain dari Tales Runner, karakter ini disebut PADA atau Kay. Dalam rilis OGPlanet dari Tales Runner, Ocean disebut Lily.

Samudra sangat mirip dengan Ming Ming, kecuali ia memiliki 2 poin lebih stat Kecepatan. Dia memiliki sebuah peternakan gadis aksen. 2 maksudnya Upgrade kecepatan membuatnya karakter yang sangat menguntungkan untuk lebih trampil yang telah berpengalaman)



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