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The My Room button is used to store objects you can get from racing, alchemy, and more. It has a total of 6 tabs; New (Recent 3 Days), Character (Transform), Costumes (Hair, Top, Bottoms, Shoes), Accessory (Head, Face, Neck, Hand, Back, Look), Pet (Pet, Pet Item, Pet Food), and Other (Emotion, Game, Chat, Ad, Farm, Emblem, Enter Effect, Alchemy Coupon, Event).

It also holds your alchemy which is under Costumes, unless, you have crafted it within 3 days it would also be in the New tab. For example, you crafted Ladybug Shoes, it would appear in the New tab and the Costumes Shoes tab.

Gallery Edit

Tales Runner My Room Tabs
Tales Runner My Room Recent
Tales Runner My Room Character
TalesRunner My Room Accessory
Tales Runner My Room Pets
Tales Runner My Room Costumes

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