This quest can be found on the GUIDE button at the lobby.

It has 5 parts:

1.Quick Launch: Click "Quick Launch" to get it the game room and start quickly. When you have done this, you must race once. Reward: Yellow Turtle Cap (7 days)

2.Item: Click My Room to enter my room and wear the Yellow Turtle Cap. Reward: 100 TR

3.Go to Shop: Click Shop to enter the shop and purchase 1 item (TR or GPotato). Reward: 500 TR

4.Create Game Room: Create a game room of the map Fury of Daddy Octopus map (Condition: Item off/Stomp off). Reward: 100 TR

5.Chat in Park: Go to the Park and type Great Tales Runner in the chatting window. Reward: NEWBIE Medal, 500 TR, Small Angel Halo (7 days) and 10 Henry's Worry cards.

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