Mini games (minigames) are games within TalesRunner held in the Park. They usually have little or no reward other than self satisfaction and a timed item with only aesthetic value. When selected on the Park map, the words, "Mini Game," appears. The front of the game stand says, "Game Sunflower." To play a minigame at the current time you must pay 100 TR.

This is an in-depth guide on minigames.

One way to tell if a person is play a mini game is if they say "Park in Mini game" it identifies they are currently using the mini games.


For reaching or going beyond the required points, you will receive a prize. These prizes are only available through minigames, and are available nowhere else in TalesRunner. The items are for aesthetic value only. They give no bonuses whatsoever and are timed for 24 hours.


There are multiple games in the Game Sunflower. Originally there was one, but currently there are three, but there are 6 slots indicating more minigames will be implemented.

Rescue the AcrobatEdit

In this game, your character is swimming. The objective of the game is rescue as many sinking acrobats as possible and you are given 5 lives, one is lost for each drowned acrobat. There are crocodiles simultaneously moving vertically and horizontally across the water, and if you collide with one, you are temporarily stunned and are not able to control your characters movement. Red acrobats begin sinking, starting with a green, "Help!" proceeding to a yellow one and finally one that is much larger and flashes[1]. The yellow acrobats sink faster than the red ones, and start on yellow, proceeding to the same final stage as the red ones.

In the past to receive a reward you needed 15,000 points, but currently, you need 35,000.

Attack of the PenguinsEdit

The objective of this game is to keep penguins away from you by shooting snowballs at them. There are small penguins and large ones. Large ones may move in one aisle, or change continually. A large penguin will continue its pattern until it reaches you or is destroyed. Small penguins will always stay in their original aisle. Small penguins take one snowball and large ones take two to be destroyed[2]. When a large penguin is hit, it will flash red indicating it is only half defeated.

If you aim and hit a flying octopus you get a bonus.

The current points required for a prize on this game is 15,000.

Danger!! Electrical JumpEdit

The objective of this game is not to be shocked, and not to fall off the pad. You are given 5 lives, every shock or fall makes you lose a life. Every time you land on the pad, you get the corresponding points. There are vertical and horizontal electric lines. Each game, the electricity follows the same path. At the beginning of the game, you get 50 points per land on the pad, and each time an electric line is added, that number of points increases by 50.

The current points required for a prize on this game is 15,000.


There is an emblem that is available for those who exceed in the minigames, titled, "The Sunflower Witch." To qualify for the emblem, you must first reach the required points on Rescue the Acrobat four times. Next you must reach the required points for Attack of the Penguins twice, and finally play Danger!! Electrical Jump and get a minimum of 15,000 points once. The emblem has a 3 star difficulty rating[3].



Sign leading to minigames.


Game sunflower.


Selection screen for minigames.


Rescue the Acrobat gameplay.


Attack of the Penguins gameplay.


Danger!! Electrical Jump gameplay.


  1. Red acrobats in their first stage give 500 points, in the second, 300, and finally in the third only 100 points. Yellows at their first stage give 1,000 points, and at second they give 500.
  2. Small penguins give 100 points, large ones give 500.
  3. The rating isn't necessarily out of 5 or 10

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