Mini game prizes are prizes received by reaching the required points for a minigame. Minigame prizes are random, one minigame is not more likely to give you a specific prize than any other. These are likely all the current prizes, there may be more.


Some prizes that can be obtained include shirts, usually of survival map bosses.

Daddy Octopus Short SleeveEdit

Daddy Octopus printed top[1]

A black T-Shirt with a picture of Daddy Octopus from Fury of Daddy Octopus. There is no design on the back.

Sailor Joe Short SleeveEdit

Sailor Joe printed top[1]

A black T-Shirt with a picture of Sailor Joe from Shark Invasion with four crates beneath him.

Uncle Lizard Short SleeveEdit

Uncle Lizard Face printed top.[1]

A black T-Shirt with a picture of Uncle Lizard's face from the Angry Lizard and Lizard Crisis.

Shirt imagesEdit

OctopusShirt2 Daddy Octopus Short Sleeve
SharkShirt2 Sailor Joe Short Sleeve
LizardShirt Uncle Lizard Short Sleeve

Head accessoriesEdit

Head accessories, usually of a springy, colored teddy-bears.

Blue Bear HeadbandEdit

Beautiful Blue Bear Headband[1]

A light blue headband with two matching color teddy bears.

Pink Bear HeadbandEdit

Beautiful Pink Bear Headband[1]

A light pink headband with two matching color teddy bears.

Yellow Bear HeadbandEdit

Beautiful Yellow Bear Headband[1]

A red headband with two yellow colored teddy bears.

Headband ImagesEdit

BlueBear2 Blue Bear Headband
PinkBear2 Pink Bear Headband
YellowBear2 Yellow Bear Headband


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