Legendary Red Shoes Recipe
File:Legendary Red Shoes Recipe Icon.jpg
Item Type Recipe
Location Outfit
Timing permanent
Usage combine
Price Recipe - 36,000 TR
  Bundle - 540 gP

Legendary Red Shoes

The ground pushes me away whenever
I take a step.
How do you think I run so fast?


Used to make Legendary Red Shoes


Prereq. Legendary Red Shoes (plain)
No. Card Count
81 1star Block someone's way 11
15 2star Jack's Shining Beans 8
41 3star Aladdin & Princess 4
67 4star Rage of Daddy Octopus 2
80 5star He just waved... 1


Legendary Red ShoesLegendary Red Shoes Tree
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Legendary Red Shoes Tree

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