Lefty lv1 Icon
Item Type My Room
Location Pet / Pet
Timing pet
Usage equipment
Price Level 1 - 950 gP
Main article: Pets

Short for Leftovers...
During Harvest Season, Pieros go
out to the forest to gather food.
One of the Pieros stumbled
upon a strange looking couple...
A turkey and a chicken watched
over a giant egg. This Piero
was very curious so he went closer to this egg.
This startled the odd couple and
caused them to run away.
Suddenly, there was a crackling sound!
Out came the weirdest looking bird!
Birds get attached to the first thing they see...
Lefty was no exception!


  • Immunity to any kind of attacks for 8 seconds after race start.
Level Icon Bonus Bonus for 1st ~ 3rd place
1 Lefty lv1 Icon Rage Gain +10%
TR +0 ~ +100 (random)
Exp +20%
2 - Rage Gain +15%
TR +0 ~ +150 (random)
Exp +50%
3 - Rage Gain +20%
TR +0 ~ +200 (random)
Exp +100%
  • Bonus for 1st ~ 3rd place only applies to Individual or Survival races, does not apply for Team or Relay races

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