Background Edit

Hidden Rough
Hidden Rough
Personal data
Age 20 years
Height 5'10 ft (178 cm)
Weight 157 lbs (71 kg)
Blood Type O
Occupation Student / Motorcycle Racer
Game stats
Max Speed █ █ █ █ █ █ 6
Acceleration █ █ █ 3
Power █ █ █ █ 4
Control █ █ 2
Price 99 Astro
Starting Character No

Not much is known about Hidden Rough. From his appearance though, we can suggest that this was his state before his motorcycle accident and joined Tales Land. In comparison to his latter state, hidden Rough offer 2 plus stats in Speed and 1 less in power. He has below average levels of control and a 3 in acceleration.

According to the Korean TalesRunner website, Hidden Rough is a future version of Rough from a type of alternate universe. In this sequence of events, the cat that Rough saved during the motorcycle accident that damaged his nerves returns to Tales Land and gathers Cat's Wishes to heal [Hidden] Rough back to his previous physical state.

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