Hell Channel Entrance Ticket Mission allows the player to access the Hell Channel.

The mission is available either under Single Player - Mission, or opens automatically on attempt to enter the Hell Channel if the player didn't complete the mission yet.

To access the mission, the player must be at least Red Sock level.

The mission consists of nine single player races. Each of these races has two time limits - limit for clearing the mission, and limit for master clearing. To gain access to the Hell Channel it is sufficient to complete all races in the longer time limit. Master clearing all missions gives an extra reward item.

Mission Task Clear Time [s] Master Clear [s]
1 Climbing 32 24
2 Building up and using Fury 34 29
3 Using Super Jumps 33 26
4 Clearing trap plates 47 42
5 Stomping cards 55 36
6 Jumping over shock bars 42 33
7 Revealing invisible platforms 85 56
8 Skiing on a narrow bridge 47 40
9 Running up ledges over rolling boulders 70 40

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