Fury increases the character speed and acceleration to maximum for limited time. During Fury the character is invulnerable to most types of attacks or collisions. In collision with another character (if that is not in Fury), the other character gets kicked off and gains a little Rage. Collision in another character in Fury has no effect. Fury duration can be increased with alchemy items, shop items, and pets.
To activate Fury, it is necessary to fill up both Rage and Dash gauges. Rage gauge is the left half of the circle around the character's head while in a race. To gain Rage, the character must get hit by traps, Capsule Items, or stomped by other players. Rage Gain can be improved using various items. Once you have both gauges filled, Dash is not available for use.

When both Rage and Dash gauges become full, the circle will start flashing the colors of the rainbow. Then, Fury can be activated by pressing Item and Dash keys at the same time.

The Twister Pet changes the effect of collision from getting kicked off into transformation( like the transformation capsule )This fury is Purple instead of the usual red. The higher the level of the twister, the longer you will stay transformed and the lower chance of turning into a lizard.

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