Tales Runner Farm

Farm is a player's private Community Map. It can be customized using various items purchased in Farm Shop or obtained from Farm Piero NPC. Farm's owner can invite friends to the farm, open the farm to public, or lock it using a password.

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The Farm System in Tales Runner allows runners to create their own residence, grow and harvest plants, and raise animals in Talesland. Everyone is allowed their own plot of land to build their dream land. With such great powers and responsiblity comes great rewards.

First of all, lets start by clicking this icon, and enter your farm.

So let us start by taking a diagnostic look at the Farm's Interface Controls:

This is your farm's name.

Farm 1

You can change it at any time with the 'Edit' button. If you are on someone else's farm, click 'Farmer' to view the owner's information. This name will be displayed in your information and icon in the Farm Lobby.

Farm 2

This button functions very similar to the Racing Rooms lock button. By default, your farm will be unlocked. When it is unlocked, anybody on your friends list can access it. However, the icon will still show up in the 'Chatting Room' section. You can lock it simply by giving it a password. You can just as easily take off that password.

The numbers (#/#) or (1/20) indicate how many people are in the farm, and how many people can enter (maximum is 20). You can click the down arrow to display all of the player's names that are present in the farm and to kick them.

Farm 3

This button allows you the option to hide your farm from the public or open it. This button is switched to public off everytime you enter your farm. In this state, your farm will not be in the 'Chatting Room' lobby where anyone can enter your farm. Also in 'public off', your friends can still see and enter your farm, but when it's checked to "public on" it is found by anyone in the 'Chatting Room'.

Farm 4

If you right click an item on the farm, you can look up information on it, and how long it's lifespan is. Some items have special interactions like sitting on chairs and swings and shaking trees. Shaking trees can sometimes land you some Farm Points.

Farm 6

You may also ride your animals, granted they're big enough. Right click and select 'Ride'. You can control the animal's movements by the arrow keys. To get off, you simply jump.

Farm 5


Also, take note of the yellow box around the name. The yellow box means that the person owns the farm. A pink box is the farm owner's couple. As owner of the farm, you are also allowed to kick people as you please.

Park Farm Position

  Farm points are received by feeding other player's animals and watering their plants. You will not receive any for feeding or watering your own. In some cases, you also can get points by shaking trees, though not much. So where do these points come in handy anyway?

If you take a closer look at the park, you will see that it has been extended.

On the little floating peninsula off the park is the Farm Piero (so cute!).

Here you can exchange your farm points for items exclusively bought with the points.

Now that you know the basic controls, you are ready to start building your very own dream farm.


Your personal farm is your Talesland blank canvas. From mazes, to make believe restaurants. Your farm can be anything you want it to be with the power of imagination, and farm items. Building on a Talesland farm is as easy as placing and rotating items.

Lets start off by buying some items, click this icon to open the farm shop. This shop only shows items that are placeable on your farm. Some items will have a time limit on them. The purchase system works like your inventory. You drag the items you wish to buy out onto your farm. When you feel you've bought enough. Click Buy All. This will save all the current items to the spots you put them in.

A side note for the farm shop; as of right now, the trees bought in the shop are not harvestable. This could change in the future though.

Click on this icon for your farm inventory. Here you can see what is in your inventory (of course) and check how many items you have of each. To place items click the item, then click the area you wish to place them. Right click to rotate if necessary. Keep in mind though, the spaces that are outlined in black you cannot place items in because it is occupied by another item.

The farm system is your blank canvas in talesrunner to unleash your creativity. But decorating is not your farm's only function. You also have the choice to raise and harvest trees and tend to farm animals!


Your farm is not only limited to looking awesome and dazzling the visitors as they visit. You also have the ability to harvest certain trees and farm animals. With the effort of raising, comes great rewards. Keep in mind though, not everything placed on the farm is able to be raised.

So how do we know which items are raisable? Well, if you right click on the animal or plant, you will get a window like this:

This is the Tropical Mix Tree issued as an event item. This item can be harvested, only after it has reached 1,000 harvest points. Now how are harvest points gained? When you race and gain exp, the amount of exp points you gain from racing copies over to your raisable item. So in other words, if you gain 30 exp from racing one race, you will gain exp, and so will all of your raisables on your farm.

After races, you have a chance of receiving special items that boost your farm animal's or plant's Harvest Points. These are:

You may also choose to feed or water other player's farms. Doing so you will receive +10 farm points. This will not work if your feeding your own animals or watering your own plants.

When your plant or animal has reached full exp. You may choose to 'shake' the plant or 'Cheer' the animal. This is when all of your hard work of farming is paid off. You will receive a few cards in which can be put towards the farm's own alchemy items, additionally you will get a good amount of TR (in game currency).

Pay close attention to the kind of animal you have. Not all of them give cards or recipes, lets take the Baby Moo Moo Calf for example:

The Baby Moo Moo Calf will give you cards, but it will not give you the recipe's to work with. The More Calves you have, the more luck you will have with cards. For the recipes you will need another Cow.

As you can see, the Mama Moo Moo Cow and the Baby Moo Moo Calf rely on eachother for obtaining cards. Now where are these cards that you just harvested?

Looking at the cards you received from harvesting is just as easy as going into the Alchemist system to check your Map Cards. Certain harvestables drop certain cards. These cards, with the right recipe, can be combined to make special Alchemy-exclusive items.

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