In Tales Runner, experience balance and level are tied to the Account. Experience, level, and ladder position don't change regardless on which character is currently selected.


Experience is gained through racing - after each race, all characters gain some amount of experience points dependent on their position at the end of the race and on their equipment and it is added to the account's Exp balance. Exp rewards without modifiers can be found on TR and Exp Racing Rewards page.

There is no way to lose experience in the game, except for GM intervention.

Level ממש לאאאאאאאאאא תיחיו בסרת לוטטטט3ם'עד,חלגםדEdit


Player level in Tales Runner depends on total experience gained on the account. When the amount of
experience needed for a level is reached, the character "levels up" and its level icon changes.

On leveling up, the player is awarded a certain amount of TR as a prize for reaching next level.

Experience and Level TableEdit

Note 1: Level Up Reward items are not 100% confirmed
Note 2: There are 7 more levels (64~70) for which no information is known yet. Level up reward item to first of them is supposed to be Holy War Case. These need 6,000,000 XP to level up.


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