Couple is a pair of (two) player accounts bound together. A couple is symbolized by:

  • couple ring in each partner's My Room
  • heart symbols surrounding the couple if both characters stand near each other in any community map (park, farm).
  • the other partner being always first in the Messenger (even if offline) and being represented by special symbol there if online.

Despite heart symbols and pink colors used widely in the couple system, the couple does not have to represent any real relation between characters or their players. Also, there is no gender restriction neither on real players entering the couple, nor on characters being selected or used by them.

Couple rings symbolising the couple can be upgraded based on number of days how long the couple exists. The longer the period is, the better bonuses are provided by rings available for the couple. Rings provide two kinds of bonuses - couple bonuses are applied when the couple is racing in the same Game Room, individual bonuses are applied every time.

Creating a coupleEdit

To create a couple, future partners must have each other registered in the Messenger.

One of future partners needs to purchase a NEW Couple Jewelry Case in Shop. This player then needs to access Cupid Piero NPC in Park, use the Apply for Couple option, select the other future partner and fill in the future couple name.

At that time, the other partner must be online and must not be racing but he does not necessarily have to be in the Park. His only task is to confirm the couple application the first partner sent. After that, the couple is created.

Upon creation of the couple, the NEW Couple Jewelry Case is removed from the applicant's My Room and both parners receive a NEW Couple ring. Also, the Couple Info option becomes accessible in both partners' User Info.

Upgrading couple ringEdit

Couple ring can always be upgraded only to nearest next higher level couple ring. Also, the couple must exist long enough for the ring to be applicable.

Day Case Item Price Ring Item Couple Bonus Individual Bonus Heart Color
start NEW Couple Jewelry Case 70 gP NEW Couple ring none none Red
2 2 Days Jewelry Case 100 gP LoveLove Couple Ring Exp


none Orange
5 5 Days Jewelry Case 140 gP Silver Ribbon Couple Ring Exp


none Yellow
10 10 Days Jewelry Case 190 gP Purple Jam Couple Ring Exp


none Green
30 30 Days Jewelry Case 900 gP Red Heart Couple Ring Exp

TR +20%

none Blue
100 100 DAYS Jewelry Case 1,500 gP Forever Couple Rings Exp

TR +40%



Dark Blue
200 200 DAYS Crystal Heart Rings 700 gP ? Exp

TR +40%


Luck +20%

200 200 DAYS Royal Shell Rings 800 gP ? Exp

TR +40%


Luck +30%

200 200 DAYS Flame Jewel Rings 900 gP Flame Jewel Couples Ring Exp

TR +40%


Luck +40%

365 1 Year Couple Ring Set * 800 gP 1 Year Couple Rings Exp

TR +40%


Luck +50%

Larger Purple

* 1 Year Couple Ring Set converts to two items - 1 Year Couple Rings and Heart Couple Wings

Changing couple nameEdit

To change couple name one of partners must purchase the Couple Name Change item in Shop. Then, the couple name can be changed by accessing the Cupid Piero NPC in Park and using the Change Couple Name option. If a player uses this option without purchasing the Couple Name Change item first, the NPC offers direct purchase of the item.

Breaking a coupleEdit

Any of partners can break the couple at any time by visiting Cupid Piero NPC in Park and using the Break Couple option. Breaking a couple does not require presence or confirmation of the other partner.

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