Korea Talesrunner New Special Character, DORORO, Twilight Road 2 59 06..03:35

Korea Talesrunner New Special Character, DORORO, Twilight Road 2 59 06...테일즈런너 JJOPD

Dororo's gameplay, they all play the same and all have a long land decision.


The platoon in this order: kululu tamama keroro giroro and dororo

The armpit platoon is a series of overpowered jin clones that take the style of an sgt.frog(keroro gunso) costume.However they still, and always will be my favorie characters! 


Keroro : 120 i-fun charge, (3900 kash korea)

The prices are the same for each character

Stats overview.Edit

If you ever read keroro gunso or watched the anime, you'd know that characters special attributes and abllities to be shaped into that character. order, speed,accel,pow,control

Keroro:7 7 7 7

Giroro:6 6 9 5

Tamama:6 9 7 8

Dororo:9 7 7 6

Kururu(kululu): 8 8 7 7

I reccommend kululu because he's actually balanced 

Oddly, giroro's control is lower than maki's something not usual for an money character

Usefulness of these charactersEdit

Many world records have been done using dororo, such as former wr in twilight road

Unlike jin, the armpit platoon can equip various wings and pets to add to the 9 stat characters (giro,tama,doro) overpowered arsenal.

Gameplay by grape4263

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