Tales Runner is an online multiplayer and community racing game developed by South Korean company Rhaon Entertainment and originally published by Nowcom. US Tales Runner was formerly published by Gala-Net, a subsidiary of Japan company Gala, until it was shut down on December 21, 2011. In July of 2013, Nowcom again released their global server of Tales Runner through the Winnerhub game portal which is currently available.


Tales Runner is an athletic racing game - players operate characters using various equipments running, jumping, swimming, or skiing in various racing maps in several racing modes (single, team, survival, relay). Racing maps are themed around various stories, either taken from famous tales (such as Jack and Beanstalk), or created by game developers as a background story for the game development.

Tales Runner is also a community game, supporting Couples, Families, Clubs, and Farm system. Character development in Tales Runner consists of gaining experience points, levels (which don't actually improve the character's abilities though), and gaining various pieces of equipment which can be used to improve the characters's abilities, either by purchasing them from the in-game shop, or as prizes for racing, participating in events, or completing quests.

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